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Rinse Off Go
Rinse Off Go
Rinse Off Go
Rinse Off Go
Rinse Off Go
Rinse Off Go
Rinse Off Go

Rinse Off Go

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The 2-gallon rinse off GO is the newest and most compact model- we combine the dependability of toughness of hard rotomolded container into insulated UV resistant soft bag creating the same powerful spray as are other models its perfect for beach mom, surfer, camper, biker or any outdoor enthusiast – Simple and easy to pack for cleaning up on the go.

  • 2-gallon BPA free roto-molded container
  • 45 PSI pressure pump - 1.2 gallon per minute
  • Premium insulated bag keeps water hot or cold.
  • A padded shoulder strap and 3 handles make it easy to carry.
  • 7 ft Flexlite hose -BPA free - drink water-safe
  • 10 ft power cord

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Love shoulder strap – easy to carry after filling it up.

Aidan Murphy

San Diego, California


The combo of the hard container and the soft bad is perfect all the same quality of explore and sport but insulated.

Sebastian Foster

Corpus Christi, Texas


The hose and power cord have plenty of space, so it packs up quickly- I even put some soap in the top compartment.

Lucas Donovan

Miami, Florida


The outer shell material is top notch stuff- I thought get dirty but simple wipe down and looks same as new.

Caleb Barnes

Galveston, Texas


Having drain holes in the bottom is great. I have overfilled it a few times and simply drains out

Noah Lawson

Los Angeles, CA


I was instructed to beat the unit up and like all the rinse off products impressed how tough it is

Ethan Reynolds

Tampa, Florida

Measurements & Specs

High pressure water. Delivered whenever and wherever you need it most.


We never cut corners. Every detail of the Rinse Off Go is designed to make it easy to use and last a lifetime.


Our Flexlite hose and CNC machined swivel makes the nozzle light and easy to use in your hand


T pull water resistant zipper and UV resistant insulated bag keeps water hot or cold.

Container capacity 2 gallons- BPA free
Bag construction 8400 TPN main external, water resistant zippers, 3 handles, padded shoulder strap. HF welded construction, and 1/2 inch soft foam insulation
Filling Fill anywhere Hot or cold water
Pump pressure Pressure pump turns on/off at 45PSI runs 1.2 gallons per min
Pump power
10ft Dc power cord
11" wide 11" length 12" height
Hose length
7 feet Flexlite hose- BPA free
CNC machined aluminum with anodized finish
Nozzle swivel
CNC machined aluminum with anodized finish
Multi pattern with mist option
5 years


Our cooler bag and rotationally molded container offer exceptional durability in a portable water system.

The Rinse Off Go is designed for anyone looking for a reliable pressurized water system in a convenient package. It's the perfect companion for surfing, fishing, construction, sporting events, law enforcement, and more!

Keep in mind, the Rinse Off Go does not deliver the same PSI as a pressure washer.

45 PSI is enough pressure to remove sand and light mud, however, it does not deliver the same PSI as a pressure washer.

The Rinse Off Go is very easy to clean. Wash the inside of the cooler and the water container to preserve freshness.

All Rinse Off products are backed by our 5 Year Warranty.

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